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Sending employee data to other apps
Trigger Zapier workflows from your journeys
Trigger Zapier workflows from your journeys

How to set up automatic triggers inside your journeys to send data to 2000+ other apps.

Written by Paulin Larsen Berglöf
Updated over a week ago

Save hours of manual work by setting up triggers in your journeys. Triggers are, like messages, timed based on the first or last day of your onboardings and offboardings. However instead of sending a message to an employee, they send data to other apps or systems.

This works by triggering workflows in Zapier which is an automation tools that enable people to connect 2000+ apps with each other to seamlessly move data across them and automate tasks.

A workflow in Zapier is called a Zap. It combines a trigger from one product with an action in another — whenever the trigger event occurs, Zapier automatically completes the action for you.

Connect your account

To get started you need to connect your Typelane account to Zapier.

Create your trigger

To trigger a Zap you first need to create a trigger in one of your journeys.

We've created a few guides to help you get started:

If you need assistance in setting up your Zaps - feel free to reach out to our support team!

Our integration with Zapier also allows you to set up the Add Employee action that you can couple with triggers from your other apps. We've created an example for importing employees from Workable.

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