To connect Typelane to your Zapier account you first need to generate a unique API key to authenticate your account.

Follow the steps below:

Go to the Integrations page

Navigate to the Integrations page in your Typelane account and click Install in the Zapier item.

You'll see a modal pop-up with a form at the bottom. Enter a name for the API key, for example "Zapier", and click Generate API key.

Once created, you can copy your key to you clipboard and it's important that you save this key securely. You won't be able to copy it again.

Now that you have your key, go to Zapier to connect your Typelane account. To do so, open Zapier's My Apps page, click Add Connection and click Typelane.

You'll be presented with a new window where you can paste your generated API key.

Paste it and click "Yes, Continue".

Your accounts are now connected and you can start creating triggers in your journeys to start your Zapier workflows. Read more here.

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