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What is Typelane?

Here for the first time? See how Typelane can help improving your employee experience from onboarding and beyond.

Getting started with Typelane

This is where you can learn how to get started with Typelane. Within this part of the help center you will also learn how our editor works and the benefits of the employee portal.

Writing Messages and creating Journeys

Learn how you can streamline your on- and offboarding messaging with our Journeys.

How to start an Onboarding or Offboarding

How to schedule months worth of messaging, task delegation and enquires.

The Portal

Learn how your new hires, managers and other employees will interact with the content sent with Typelane.

Managing users & access rights

Manage employee data, access rights and which fields should be used for all users


How to administrate all the tasks and questions assigned during your on- and offboardings.

Sending employee data to other apps

Send employee data automatically to 2000+ apps using Zapier.

Integrations & Branding

Brand you portal and employee communication and connect Typelane to the tools like Slack or Teamtailor and more

GDPR & Data Processing

Find more info on GDPR, sub-processors, terms and conditions as well as our cookie policy.