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Bulk cancel on/offboardings
Bulk cancel on/offboardings

Clear out old on and offboarding data in a few clicks with bulk actions.

Written by Paulin Larsen Berglöf
Updated over a week ago

If you need to remove a larger set of completed or idle on and offboardings, you can now do so directly from the onboarding tab and offboarding tab.

Just select the schedules you want to remove and click "Cancel onboardings" or "Cancel offboardings".

You can search or apply filters to narrow down the search, these filters include:

  • Status - scheduled, ongoing or completed.

  • Manager - which employee is the manager for the on/offboardings.

  • Group - which group do the employees belong too.

  • Journey - which journey is used to on/offboard the employees.

  • First/Last day - is the first/last day of the on/offboardings before or after a certain date.

Note: Cancelling schedules is a permanent action and even though you can restart an onboarding/offboarding, it would restart from the beginning and not from the place they left off.

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