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Choose the right channel for your message

Sending a message via email, an SMS or Slack message?

Written by Paulin Larsen Berglöf
Updated over a week ago

Which channel to choose depends on the company, it's employees and their needs. Does it make the most sense to reach your employees in their inbox or via SMS?

When to send an email 📥

Email is the preferred communication channel for most companies. It's universal and commonly used and therefore preferred. Email is a great channel to use especially for long-format content or if you want to be sure to use a channel most use and like.

When to send an SMS 📱

SMS is a very flexible and direct communication channel. It is very effective and a good option when an email isn't the preferred option. Just remember that SMS is more direct and avoid sending to many messages via SMS. Also remember, using SMS in Typelane comes with an additional cost since sending SMS costs.

When to use Slack 💬

If the most common internal channel is Slack we would recommend using Slack at least after the employees first day. Since this is the preferred way of communication for most employees it may be a good idea to adapt the onboarding or offboarding communication to their habits. So if you get a response faster on Slack than over email it may be a good idea to consider using Slack as a channel.

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