Connect Slack and select it as a delivery channel for your messages. The channel is a better alternative for internal notifications and reminders for your managers and IT departments.

Go to Integrations

On this page you'll see Slack as an integration. Click install to open the modal containing more information - click Install Slack integration to verify your account.

Auth flow

You'll be redirected to Slack where you can select the Slack account you want to connect. Click Allow.

You'll be taken back to Typelane which confirms that your Slack account has been connected.

Select Slack as a channel

Now that Slack is set up you can give it a try! Navigate to one of your messages and select Slack as the delivery channel. Click Save and Preview message.

You can view how your message would look in Slack as well as send a test message to yourself. Typelane might prompt you to select a Slack user to connect to your Typelane user, see below.

Connect Slack user to employee

To know who is who, Typelane need to associate employees with Slack users in order to send them messages.

If the email associated with the Slack user is the same as your Typelane account, we'll automatically connect these accounts. If not, just navigate to their profile and click Connect Slack under Connected accounts and you'll see a pop-up where you can search and select the Slack user to you want to connect to the employee.

How does it look in Slack?

Below is an image showing you how a potential message will look like in Slack from Typelane.

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