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Managing tasks and questions
Managing tasks and questions

Learn how to filter, sort and manage the tasks and questions in Reports.

Written by Paulin Larsen Berglöf
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To view all the tasks and questions assigned in your on- and offboardings, click Reports in the sidebar. There are two sub-pages, one for all tasks assigned and one for all questions asked. Note, you can also view task and questions for each employee's onboarding in their profile.

The Task report

You can view and sort all tasks, who they were assigned to, their due data as well as which on- offboarding they're part of. The second table hold all the complete tasks where you can view who completed it and when.

Read how you can complete, incomplete and delete tasks here.

The Question report

The question report is no different from the tasks other than you can answer them instead of completing them as well as view the answers from the employees.

Read how you can answer, delete and manage answers here.


You can filter the tasks by searching for the task / question name - just type in the search field and hit enter.

You can add more filters by clicking the "More filters" button and you will be give the option to filter by:

  • Status - Is the task Completed, Due or Overdue (past its due date).

  • Assigned to - Select the employee the task have been assigned to.

  • Completed by - Select the employee the task have been completed by.

  • Journey - filter on tasks from a specific journey.

You can combine these properties and narrow down the filtering.

Tip: If you want to share the filtered results with other admins, you can copy the URL and send to them.

If you as an admin need to complete or delete tasks that have been overdue for a long time or might not be relevant any more - read about how to:

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