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Cookie policy

Cookies enable us to enhance your experience, customise our communication and to improve our websites and services.

Written by Paulin Larsen Berglöf
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Our website and product uses cookies to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website or product and also allows us also to improve the product.

Cookies are tiny pieces of data transferred from a server to your browser when you visit a website to improve your experience. If your browser is set to accept cookies, they will be stored in the browser until their expiration date is reached or until you delete the cookies yourself. 

It's important to note that cookies can only be read from the online service from which the cookie originated. Cookies do not collect personal information stored on your device. There are a few different cookies: 

  • Persistent cookies are stored for a period of time specified in the cookie on the device that uses our online services. These cookies are created the first time you visit our online service, unless your browser-side settings prevent this, and reactivate each time you visit, provided that your visit is made with a device that already has a cookie.

  • Session cookies allow online services to track and correlate a user's actions during a browser session. A browser session starts when the browser opens and ends when the browser is closed. Session cookies are deleted when the browser is closed.

  • Web beacons and pixels are files that are included in an online service and that are requested by the accessing user's browser. They enable log file recording and log file analysis, which can be used for statistical evaluations. In this case, information such as the IP address, the browser used or the operating system of the accessing system can be transmitted (so-called “HTTP header fields”).

  • Script trackers and other client-side programmatic technologies are small JavaScript-based programs, or programmatic content based on other technologies, which can provide functions that allow the recognition of a browser. You do not have to enter any data on the accessing device. These technologies are only used if they are supported and activated by the accessing user's browser.

First party cookies

The following list provides an overview of all First Party Cookies which we use and their purpose. More information on the use which we make of personal data collected and processed through this online service can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Typelane - necessary
This cookie is used by the privacy policy to remember not to ask you to accept cookies again.

Typelane - functional
This cookie is used to remember the language you have chosen on our webpage.

We are using cookies to provide basic functions which are necessary for our service. Personal information may only be collected to the extent which is necessary for providing the respective functionality of our service.

Third party cookies

The following list provides an overview of all Third-Party Cookies which are used. If you want to learn more about these third parties it can be found in the respective privacy policies of the third parties which are linked below.

Google Adwords - US
Google AdWords cookies enable behavioural advertising and analytics via the AdWords platform. Validity 2 years.

Google Analytics - US
Set by Google Universal Analytics, the cookies are used to calculate visitor sessions and on-site behaviour data for analytics reports  

Disabling Cookies  

You can enable or disable cookies by modifying the settings in your browser. You can adjust the settings on your browser (see your browser Help for how to do this). Be aware that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of this and many other websites that you visit. Disabling cookies will usually result in also disabling certain functionality and features of this site. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not disable cookies.

Further information

This Cookie Policy may change from time to time, for example in the event of a change in the law or technical changes to our online service. For these reasons, we reserve the right to change the Cookie Policy at any time without notice and to use other cookies. The amended Cookie Policy will apply from the date of its publication and is always available within our online service in its current form. Unless you agree with the revised Policy, you may have to stop using our online services. By continuing to use our online services after the changes to the Policy have become effective, you agree to the revised Cookie Policy.

If you have any questions regarding our cookie policy, please contact us at

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