When an employee is about to leave your company you want to make sure they get a good last experience from you - consider it an investment into your employee branding.

Offboardings are a great way to make sure the employee leaves feeling valued and appreciated even though their employment has come to an end. It's also a great way to evaluate their time with you using Evaluations surveys which you can add to you offboarding journey.

You can offboard employees using Journeys by following these steps:

1. Create an offboarding journey

When creating a journey you have the option to create an onboarding journey or an offboarding journey. The distinction is that the offboarding journey uses the employee's last day as a reference instead of the first day.

2. Schedule an offboarding

To schedule the offboarding, visit the employee's profile in Users.

Here you'll find a button that you can click to open up the offboarding form.

In the form you're required to fill in the following information:

  1. Last day of employee.

2. The employee's manager.

3. Which journey they should receive.

After that you can start the offboarding and you'll see a summary after you've scheduled it.

If you are also using our Conversations product, the employee will automatically stop receiving surveys on their last day.

You can view the offboarding's progress under the employee's profile.

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