Our integration with Zapier allows you to set up the Add Employee action that you can couple with triggers from your other apps.

Below is an example of how to set it up to import hired candidates from Workable.

Importing hired candidates from Workable

Connect your Workable account to Zapier on your Apps page.

When connected, click Make a Zap to get started.

Select Workable as your triggering app and the Update Candidate Stage event.

Select your account, the job you'd like to move candidates from and finally the Hired stage.

Click continue and test to fetch some candidate data that we need to set up the ensuing Typelane action.

For your action, select Typelane as the app and the Add Employee action.

Populate the employee fields with the tags that have been generated from the test data above.

Make sure you give the new employee a unique ID and select New as the status if you want the employee to show in your Typelane Dashboard.
Selecting Active still imports the employee

Click Review and test to send the test data to your Typelane account. You'll see the new employee in your Dashboard (if you chose New in the step above) where you can start an onboarding with a few clicks.

Any candidate you move to Hired will now be imported to your Typelane account!

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