Within Typelane it's easy to add admins for different products or  give manager access to their team's feedback.  

How to invite an admin to one of the products

Admin access can be shared across a product: Journeys or Conversation or one can be a super-admin meaning they have access to both products and areas such as billing. 

To make someone an admin / manager you simply: 

  1. Navigate to settings which is the cog-wheel in the left-hand navigation
  2. While in the settings view there is a tab a called "Access right"
  3. Click Give user access rights

From there you simply choose whom you want to give access rights.

What does it mean to give someone access? 

Once you give someone access they will get an email from Typelane enabling them to create an account and log-in. Once that person has created an account they are able to view what you have given access to them.

Revoking access rightsIf you want to revoke access for someone you simply click on their name in the access rights list and untick the boxes they have had checked. The system will automatically update their access and they won't be able to log in again if rights have been removed. 

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