Follow the steps below to import your employees into Typelane!

1. Go to the employees page, hover over the options dropdown and click Import employees.

2. Click Download template file to start the download of an Excel file where you can add all your information.

3. This file will contain columns for the base fields, such as full name and email, and your custom fields and groups. To add employees to groups, just write any value in the cell for that employee's row in the group's column. If you don't want to add the employee to the group, just leave the cell empty.

Add your employee data and export it as a CSV file. Make sure it's exported as a comma separated file.

4. Drag your CSV file to the upload box to start the upload.

5. You'll be redirected to a page where you can review the results. The successfully imported employees are shown in the top table.

6. You may have some failed imports with can be caused by missing mandatory fields (such as name or email) or the email already being used by another employee in the system.

7. To fix these failed imports, click on the table row to open a form where you can view the error, remedy it and save.

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