Every message sent via Typelane contains a link to the portal where the employee, manager or any other party involved in the employee onboarding or offboarding process can see read more as well as view previous messages and complete to-dos.

The benefits of the portal are:

  • All information is gathered in one place that is always accessible

  • The right contact details are available within the portal either to a manager or whoever may be responsible.

  • The employee or manager can easily see the first day or last day

  • All things that need to be completed or answered are available within the portal making it simple to check them off or answer them.

The messages will look almost identical to what has been sent via email. In each email, SMS or Slack message will contain a link that takes the individual to the portal.

The portal works great across all web-browsers and mobile devices.

How do I get to the portal?

The portal is accessible via a link either through email, SMS or Slack depending on the delivery method you company has chosen for their onboarding.

You can always go to the portal via www.typelane.com/portal

If you go the portal you'll need to add your email and if it exists in the system will send you a link to the portal. You should receive it in your inbox or via the preferred delivery channel swiftly.

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