Teamtailor is an applicant tracking system made for all types of companies. With modern features optimised for you and your candidates, you will get everything you need to recruit successfully.

To connect your Teamtailor account to your Typelane account just follow the steps below. If you don't have a Teamtailor account we're happy to help you get set up - just reach out to us via chat.

Connecting the integration

  • In your Typelane account, click Integrations in the sidebar.

  • Click Install on Teamtailor to open up a pop-up with a form at the bottom.

  • Next, open you Teamtailor account, go to Settings and click API in the sidebar.

  • Click the + New API key button.

  • Fill out the pop-up with the details below.

  • Copy the generated API key...

  • ... and paste in the pop-up in Typelane and click Install.

The Teamtailor team have now been notified and they will reach out to you once they have approved the connection.

Once they have approved the connection, you want to add the Typelane trigger to the Hired step of your Default job template so that it propagates down to all of your jobs. Read more here.

Your new hires will appear in your Dashboard when the installation is complete!

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