First of all, Welcome! We're really excited about you giving Typelane a try and seeing first hand how it will save you and your colleagues a tonne of time as well as make the hire experience word-class!

Typelane is designed to help HR and IT departments onboard new hires to bring them up to productivity faster and keep them informed and energised without you having to spend hours with checklists and sending manual emails.

It also support offboardings to make sure your departing employees leave on a good note!

In a nutshell, Typelane works by letting you define the steps and messages that go into your onboardings in a reusable template that you can schedule for every new hire without having to update any messages or any of its content.

We call these templates Journeys!

What is a Journey?

A Journey is a set of messages that can be sent to the new hire, the new hire's manager or other people involved in the process such as HR, office managers or IT support. You can create several journeys for different use cases. Read more about it in this article.

As mentioned, the journeys are a set of messages that have a recipient, content and send time (amount of days before or after the first day). It might be a lot to take in so feel free so how it works here.

When starting an onboarding, you simply add the employee details and select which journey to use - then you're done! The messages will be send to the right people, at the right time, without you having to worry about it.

Baby steps!

The easiest way to see how Typelane works is to try it with yourself and a fellow colleague. In your newly created account there is a Sample journey where you can browse its messages and see how it fits together.

Now, try onboardng yourself by clicking "Onboard new hire" in the sidebar.

  1. In the popup, select the Sample journey from the dropdown and click Next.
  2. Click "Select employee" and you can select yourself from the dropdown as you'll be onboarding yourself.
  3. Select a first day. As you're only testing this out to see the messages, select today's date and Typelane will speed up the process by sending all messages up until the first day in one go.
  4. Click Next and select the Manager. Either select yourself again here (you'll be acting as your own manager for testing purposes) or select "Add an employee" and add a colleague so you both can see how it works.
  5. Click Done and the onboarding is scheduled! You'll be receiving emails in a moment.

Afterwards, have a look at our Template for some inspiration or use the Sample journey as the base for your own journey!

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