Underneath each employee there is a user profile that will get an overview of all the details tied to an employee and also any journeys they are actively in and their admin rights! 

Updating start date

To change when an employee starts you simply navigate to:

  • All users which is the top icon to the left.
  • There you select the user you want to update the details for 

To update the their first day you navigate to the  first date field in the user profile and simply choose their new first date. 

Note: If you move an employee forward meaning to a start date that is closer to the current date it may trigger messages to be sent to them or other people who are a part of the journey.

Updating manager

You can also simply change manager in the user profile. This will update the manager in new messages and other messages in your journey will be sent to the new manager.  

Adding user notes:

We have also made it simple to track which hardware and software each employee has with notes. Knowing how hard it is to keep a good overview at scale we wanted to make this as simple as possible for every new hire.

You can also add "other" notes which makes it easy to keep track of other user information that may be of importance.

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