In the message view you create your message step-by-step and this article explains what each step does.

1. Content

The first step is writing the content for the message and you can read more about how to write messages here.

2. Recipient

The second step is recipient where you choose who will receive the message. You can choose the Onboardee / Offboardee (depending on if the message is within an Onboarding or Offboarding journey) or you can choose the Manager of the journey. You may also choose a fixed employee from your employee directory.

3. Replies sent to (Optional)
An optional step is Replies sent to, where you may choose up to 4 employees who will receive the recipients direct answer as well as notifications regarding any tasks the message may contain.

4.  Sent at
Setting Sent at determines when the message will be sent in relation to the first or last day (depending on if the message is within an Onboarding or Offboarding journey).

5. Task Deadline
If your message contain tasks or questions, you may set a Task Deadline for the answers as well as amount of reminders to be sent.

5. Set it live!
When the message hold all the information it needs you can Set the message live either in the top right corner or in the Set live step.

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