Our entire product is designed to give you and your team more time to focus on the people in your company.

Providing new hires with all the right information, notifying their manager and team, asking the right questions for IT and HR and all other tasks needed to be tracked can be quite tedious.

Before you can schedule an onboarding you need to:

  1. Create an onboarding journey.
  2. Write a few messages for that journey.

Once you've completed these easy steps you have a reusable onboarding template for all new hires - all you have to do now is schedule it. Below is a step-by-step desiccation how you get started!

1. Open Start new onboarding from your Dashboard

2. Who is being onboarded?

Fill in the details of the person you want to onboard or choose an existing employee from the directory.

  • The first day of the employee is used as a reference for the timing of the messages.
  • Updating email is optional but recommended if your employee is using his or her personal email before the first day but will receive a company email afterwards.

3. Who is the manger?

The employee's manager will receive the messages scheduled for the manger in the journey. You can either choose an existing employee from the directory or create a new employee.

4. Which journey would you like to send?

Choose on of the onboarding journeys you've created.

And you're done 🎉You have scheduled an onboarding and can now sit back and relax!

If you need to change any details you can do it in the employee's profile or right after you've scheduled the onboarding.

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